Freshield Vacuum Rolls & Bags
5-Layers Special Material for Food Packing
Freshield vacuum rolls & bags are made from exclusive material which is composed of five layers, 2 air preventing layers, 1 adhesion layer and 2 protection layers.
Freshield vacuum rolls & bags don't have BPA (bisphenol A) and have been approved by FDA in US, EFSA in Europe, The Health & Welfare Ministry in Japan & KFDA in Korea.
Block Moisture Evaporation with Keeping Good Taste!
When storing certain foods in refrigerator, they can be easily dried as time goes by. Especially meats & fishes can get freezer burn in freezer, and the freezer burn takes good taste from original quality.Freshield vacuum rolls & bags block the moisture evaporation and protect content from the outside, therefore they can prevent contents from getting freezer burn and keep food fresh for long.

※ Fragile contents such as vegetables are easily squeezed by the vacuum pressure, therefore please do using the functions, Manual Vacuuming (Instant Sealing) or Sealing Only ※
Diamond Shaped Air Channels
The one side of Freshield vacuum bag has diamond shaped air channels. Such efficient structure helps the remaining air get out of the bag rapidly and reduces vacuuming failure.
Various Uses
Product Images
Frehsield Vacuum Roll
8 Inches / 11 Inches
3 m
Frehsield Vacuum Bag
8 Inches / 11 Inches
8 Inc x 292mm / 11 Inch x 375mm