Frequently asked questions
Q1. It doesn’t vacuum with vacuum sealer.
    1. Use only Freshield exclusive bags. If not a bag for vacuum and/or compatible, it may not be vacuumed and/or sealed.
    2. Open the cover of vacuum sealer and check that the gaskets (black foams) are twisted or something is on the gaskets.
    If there’s a problem, remove it, but if the gaskets are damaged, they have to be replaced.
    3. Check that the end of the vacuum bag is well positioned in Chamber (the lower space for vacuuming) of the machine.
    If the end of the bag is lain on the gasket or outside of Chamber, it doesn’t vacuum.
    4. Check that the vacuum bag is not damaged.Vacuuming cannot be guaranteed with a damaged vacuum bag.
    5. After working, check up the sealed line on the bag.
    If it weren’t sealed well because of something like moisture, remove it first and rework.
    ※ When working in auto mode without a bag, it will be stopped after a period of time if it’s normal.
    If there’s a problem with vacuum function, the machine would work (suck) continuously without stopping.
Q2. working in vacuum sealing mode, it isn’t sealed and is released soon.
    1. It may not be sealed if there’s moisture on the surface for sealing.
    With watery food, freeze it before vacuum sealing or do seal without vacuuming.
    If you want to vacuum with a food which has a little moisture,
    press the cover of machine until it has finished for increasing the adhesive strength.
    2. Place the end of bag in the center of Chamber (the lower space for vacuuming).
    3. Check up the surface of the bag if not damaged.
Q3. When working in Sealing Only mode, it isn’t sealed.
    1. It may not be sealed if there’s moisture on the surface for sealing. Remove the moisture and rework. 2. Check that the end of bag is lain on the gasket (black foam) or in Chamber (the lower space for vacuuming).
    The end of bag has to aligned with the line, ‘SEALING ONLY’ for just the sealing without vacuuming.
    3. It is recommended to use Freshield exclusive vacuum bag. Material and/or thickness affects the sealing condition.
Q4. Can I use any kind of plastic bag?
    It is strongly recommended to use Freshield exclusive vacuum bag.
    The one side of Freshield vacuum bag has diamond texture that allows air to get out of the bag.
    And also the melting temperature & heating time of Freshield bag is designed to be compatible with Freshield vacuum sealer.
    If you don’t use Freshield vacuum bag, the good performance of Freshield is not guaranteed
    and we are not responsible for any problem caused by improper use.
    Plastic bags such as the bag of left-over snack are not supposed to be vacuumed, therefore do just sealing in that case.
    However, it depends on material & thickness of the plastic bag what you want to seal.
Q5. Is Freshield vacuum bag safe for health?
    The material of Freshield vacuum bag has 5 layers and the food-contact material is polyethylene, which is safe from BPA.
    It has approved by FDA, KFDA, MHLW, EFSA. Make your Freshield life with carefree use.
Q6. After vacuum sealing, the bag is expanding gradually.
    The foods such as fermented food, coffee beans, onion and garlic emit gas.
    Therefore,even though such food is vacuumed, the bag would be released.
    It is recommended to do short-term storage with just sealing without vacuuming
    and when you want to store it for a long time, keeping it in a freezer is recommended.
Q7. Can watery food be vacuumed?
    Freshield vacuum sealer has an operating principle that sucks air out of bag.
    So when vacuuming watery food, it may cause a breakdown of air pump.
    Do only the sealing for water, stew, soup & something like that.
    When you want to vacuum raw meat, vacuuming method depends on the quantity of meat juice.
    For example, a juice-soaked meat would be vacuumed effectively by slightly freezing it.
    With a meat which has a little juice, you can easily vacuum by making good use of Auto mode or Manual mode.
    In case there’s moisture on the surface of the bag which will be adhered by melting,
    you can increase melting power by pressing Press symbols (:::::) on the cover of machine while working.
Q8. Gaskets (black foams around the chambers on cover & lower body) are dirty. Do I clean & reuse them?
    The gaskets are important parts which keep air from leaking and they will be cleaned & reused.
    There’s dirt on them, remove it. In case you wash them using water, be very careful because they are weak.
    After washing, dry completely in the shade and then attach them.
    If you want to replace them, contact Freshield Customer Center.
Q9. Can vegetables be vacuumed?
    Vegetables usually breathe, emit gas, and besides, they are weak. So if vacuumed, they would be squeezed and released.
    We recommend to seal only for vegetables or you can use FreshieldGenisys vacuum canisters
    but it’s better not to make a long-term storage for vegetables basically.